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You have repeatedly encountered situations where a completely different content may be written on the same subject of a master’s thesis. Take the topic of working from a completely different angle than, for example, anyone imagines. Remember that every scholarly work is written on a “general to detailed” basis. This should also be illustrated in your work plan.

This plan must be approved by the teacher and the reviewer. If you already have an approved work plan, ask your supervisor if they can point you to any literature. This will greatly facilitate further retrieval, and if the instructor specifies, for example, specific books, the placement of the information contained therein, it will inevitably pay off in the future during further meetings with the teacher and the work itself in protecting it.

You already have a plan and you have a bibliography – you can start writing. Note, do not write an introduction that appears (as the name implies) written at the beginning of the piece. You will write it at the very end, then it will be most purposeful. After all, you will know exactly what your scholarly work is already written about. Start writing the first section of the piece.

Bachelor’s theses usually have 3 theoretical chapters and a volume of about 60 pages. Theses of bachelors containing the research part are smaller or larger, but this is rare. Master’s papers contain from 70 to sometimes even more than 100 pages. They always contain a study section, preceded by a methodical section. With engineering work, this can be another meaning.

They should include the design part, but this is not always a requirement for the student. They can have from 20 to even 70 pages. By ordering an academic paper at, you can be sure that every page of a scholarly work will have scientific value, reveal the topic of the work, and be of interest to the teacher, who will further review it!

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After successfully ordering your academic work at and receiving it, present it to the teacher one chapter at a time – do not let him or her review the next chapter until the previous chapter is 100% approved. Remember to include a bibliography, a list of figures, a list of tables and photos at the end of each work.

How to do this you will learn from a document that every university has that describes the principles of formatting master’s, bachelor’s and technical theses. It specifies what typeface, spaces, fields and footnotes should be written. Only submit a work that is fully approved by your teacher.

You should also inquire at the university dean’s office whether you need to be tested in a program that detects plagiarism to check whether your work has content copied from the Internet. At the very end, get the highest score. All this is possible through the services of professionals.

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